Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had Thanksgiving dinner at our home this year. Just our little family. We ordered a smoked turkey and made all the rest ourselves. We had turkey(of course), mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn on the cob, deviled eggs, cream cheese filled celery, stuffing, cranberry, mac and cheese, banana pudding, pecan pie...I think thats it.

Yes my daughters do not have shirts on...therefore no chance of stains. And yes we did choose to use paper plates and plastic cups...therefore less to clean, after all it was just us!
Friday I attended Black Friday shopping!!! I was at WalMart at 4:30AM! I picked up a basket at the front door and made it half way thru the store and realized I need to ditch the basket! It was way to crowded! I found what I was there for(I would tell you but they are presents) wrapped on a pallet surrounded by a crowd! So I joined the crowd for the wait. At 5 o'clock they announced it was time to shop! I got what I needed off the pallet and moved on for other great buys! As I was headed for the checkout a lady(carrying two 3 ft tall baby dolls) stopped me to ask where I had found something she saw in my basket. I advised her where I got them and told her I thought they were all gone. Now, this lady put down her two baby dolls and took off. I stood there for a minute trying to decide why she put the dolls down. I looked at was blonde, the other red head. PERFECT!!! I didn't see her anywhere guess it...I put the dolls in my basket and proceded to the checkout! All the while thinking I said no more baby dolls! BUT we dont have any 3 foot tall baby dolls so I figured, Why not? WalMart was all I tackled but Black Friday shopping was definatly an experience.
Saturday we went to Bentonville to see my family. My Granddad took us to the Walton Museaum. It was nice but would have been better had we not had the lil ones. It was so good to see all my aunts, uncles and cousins. And the girls had a great time on the piano!

Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend as well!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Moon!

I debated all day on what time to go to the theater. I knew there would be die hard fans that had probably camped out there. I wanted to see the movie but not spend alot of time in line. So Peanut and I got in line at around 4:00.
The box office opened at 6:30. The first showing began at 7:00. After an hour in line we realized we needed dinner. So Baby J brought Peanut and I Pizza Hut pepperoni sticks. We finally had tickets in hand at 6:55 for the second showing which began at 9:40.
Now we had 3 1/2 hours left till the movie started. After you purchased tickets you had to be in line again for seating. So after 7 hours at the theater, Peanut, my mom and myself got to watch New Moon on opening day! Our local theater should REALLY presale tickets!!!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009


It has been nearly a week since Little Bits surgery and she seems to be doin ok. She has complained several times since Friday that the back of her neck hurts and has had a low fever off and on. I called the nurse in the ENT clinic and she advised me to check to see if she was having trouble moving her head around. She seems to sometimes have trouble but most of the time not. So the nurse said to just watch her. Stiff neck is a sign of infection where the adenoids were removed. She will go to daycare tomorrow. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. They are always apreciated.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Now we know!

As I mentioned before Little Bit had her surgery Tuesday. Here is how the day went...(these were my status post from facebook)
8:44 - on the interstate
9:49 - We're here! Now mask or no mask? hmm
10:02 - We're checked in and waiting. And they were out of mask so that took care of that decision. Now we are watching the fish swim
10:47 - headed for CT. She is still awake so we'll see how it goes
11:18 - She did it and they gave her a Barbie! Now she just got goofy juice and a stuffed pig for drinkin it. Then movin on to gas!

11:31 - They just took her to the OR. I have eye makeup on and WILL NOT cry!! Why is this so hard? We've been down this road before Should see her in recovery in 30.
11:54 - she's done...waiting to see the doc and then go see my baby! oh I forgot to mention she got to pet the therapy dog before her scan! She loved it!
12:11 - hope she wakes up happy. What are the chances?
12:32 - STILL waiting Come on and hurry up already!
12:39 - going to see her!
1:18 - she was cranky for bout 30 minutes. Now watchin cartoons, eatin a popsicle...still little high from morphine

1:58 - she just got off iv and finished 2 popsicles
2:09 - she is going to be discharged!
3:40 - aaahhh she threw up! yuck!
We talked the doctor and he told us that she had fluid in both ears. So it is good she had tubes put in. Her CT scan showed she has enlarged vestibular aqueducts(EVA). Here is what I googled on EVA.

Vestibular aqueducts are narrow, bony canals that travel from the inner ear to deep inside the skull. The aqueducts begin inside the temporal bone, the part of the skull just above the ear. The temporal bone also contains two sensory organs that are part of the inner ear. These organs are the cochlea, which detects sound waves and turns them into nerve signals, and the vestibular labyrinth, which detects movement and gravity. These organs, together with the nerves that send their signals to the brain, work to create normal hearing and balance. Running through each vestibular aqueduct is a fluid-filled tube called the endolymphatic duct, which connects the inner ear to a balloon-shaped structure called the endolymphatic sac.
A vestibular aqueduct is considered enlarged if it is greater than 1.5 millimeters in size, roughly the diameter of the head of a pin. If a vestibular aqueduct is enlarged, the endolymphatic duct and sac usually grow large too. The functions of the endolymphatic sac and duct are not completely understood. Scientists currently believe that the endolymphatic sac and duct help to ensure that the fluid in the inner ear contains the correct amounts of certain chemicals called ions. Ions are needed to help start the nerve signals that send sound and balance information to the brain.
So when it is enlarged it allows brain fluid to mix with the ear fluid and that has caused damage to the nerve in the tube. Thats my understanding of it anyway. It cannot be corrected and the studies I have read show that it can progress to a profound(total) loss. Not what we wanted to hear but there are worse things to have! She is scheduled to go back in 5 weeks for follow up test, so we'll see how that goes.