Monday, August 19, 2013

First Day

And so the first day of school has rolled around again....

Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Big day

Today we traveled to Children's Hospital to get hearing aides for Lil Bit.  As we drove down the interstate I had many feelings.  I felt nauseous but hopeful for the things to come.  The nauseousness may come in part from all the construction being done on the interstate during our 70 mile drive.  I must be getting old because interstates make me nervous!  Lil Bit had brought books and was reading away.  When we got there she had another hearing test(she just had one in April).  From there we went to test the frequency of the aides too her ears.
 There is so much regarding hearing aides that I did not know!  A mold was made of her ear with this quick hardening goo stuff.  First some cotton stuff was put in the canal to make sure the goo didn't go to far in.  Then the audiologist popped two kinds of goo out of the package and mixed them together into a substance that could be squeezed out of a syringe.  It was then put into her ear and then we waited for it to harden.
The impression will be sent off so that an earpiece can be made for her.  She picked out a sparkly pink color and is very excited about getting that.  After getting the aides on and working she was asked what she thought.  The first thing she said was it was loud and could you please turn it down.  I think it was at that point my eyes started to water a little.  But I quickly had to get a grip.  It was just a happy/touching/many emotions type of moment.  She now has a loaner pair of green aides. She expressed she really wanted pink but green was all they had.  We hope to get her own pair as soon as we get everything figured out with insurance. And yes, I am sure they will then be pink! As far as Lil Bit goes she thinks her hearing aides are very cool and can't wait to get to school and show all her friends!!!  Life is good ya'll!  Count your blessings!!!