Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Today we arrived back home only to find out our A/C unit had quit.  It is a warm 87 degrees in our house.  So until it is fixed we will stay with my parents.  The good thing is I think Peanut passed his stone yesterday. The kids were great on our trip.  We are very blessed to get go and do the things we have.  Here is one last picture from the ride.  Lil Bit just couldn't stay awake reading that book. lol :)

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Last day in town

Peanut woke up not feeling so good so we got a late start.  Today is day 4 with the kidney stone...I sure wish he would pass that thing quickly and smoothly.  Anyway, our first stop of the day was at Angelo's for lunch.  It wasn't my favorite place but it was food!  Then we went to the Aquarium.
This was really a neat place. Baby J's grandfather and friend Vicki went with us.  I am not sure who was the most excited to go in!
Backyard Butterflies...you could buy nectar and feed these little guys!
Us looking through the dome at the Komodo Dragon
I love this picture

And I pet a stingray!  Ya I know...I'm a cool mom!

 Next stop was Mount Trashmore.  This park got its name from the once being a landfill and a hill was sculpted from the trash.  Interesting!

We stopped here just for Peanut to check out the 24,000 square ft skate park.
He wasn't feeling the best but still gave it a go. He actually said he preferred the park he has back home Meanwhile Baby J and I took the girls across the street to the Kids Cove Playground.
After a couple of hours and snow cone, we headed back to the beach!  The beach today was not nearly as crowded.  The water was cooler and the waves much bigger.  At the end of the day we are all exhausted once again.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Busch Gardens

Today we went to Busch Gardens and it was HOT!  But we had loads of fun!
 First we stopped at Sesame Street Forest of Fun.  We got to see the train go by for the first time.

 Bert and Ernie's Loch Adventure
 After a few minutes at this splashpad Baby Girl lost her first tooth!
 They had so much fun on this "big ride"
We rode Oscar's Whirly whirl, Elephant run, and too many others to list. Baby Girl rode the Pompeii with Peanut and Baby J and she wasn't scared a bit!  She's not scared of much!
We spent about 8 hours at Busch Gardens today.  We got hot...then got soaked on water rides...had a ton of fun....and got exhausted.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Virginia Beachin

My sexy chauffeur on the way to Virginia Beach
Me an the girls 
 Woah!  Look at those waves!
The day after the fourth and the beach was packed!!!  We found us a little spot and enjoyed the day with Baby J's twin sister and her family and cousin Rich.  When it was time to leave, Lil Bit yells, "We can't leave yet!  I'm not tan!" :) After the beach we all joined up with Papa for dinner at Steve's Steak House.  YUM!
Peanut and his cousin Rich at dinner

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Never a dull moment

This morning Peanut woke up complaining of severe stomach/back pain.  At first I thought he must have what I had Tuesday morning combined with sleeping on a pull-out couch.  After about thirty minutes he was in the fetal position and moaning.  Then throwing up.  I knew it was worse than I had originally thought.  I was thinking it may be his appendix.  We decided he need to go to the ER.  We had found a better room across the street at the Holiday Inn so we needed to check out and get us across the street.  Baby J left me and the girls at the hotel and headed to RRMC.  Baby J's twin and her family were staying at the Holiday Inn also so we hooked up with them and they took us to Papa's house to enjoy the 4th.  We had hamburgers, fish, ribs, hot dogs, potato salad, cake....and I'm sure there was more.  Lil Bit and her cousin Courtney making hamburger patties.

Then the girls helped clean and cut the tails off the fish.

Meanwhile at the hospital Peanut is being hooked up to IV and waiting on x-ray results.  Turns out he has a kidney stone!  They gave him some prescriptions and sent him on his way.  16 is young for those but he will survive.  I'm just glad it wasn't his appendix.  Baby J and Peanut got to Papa's just in time to eat. After dinner we all got together for some pictures. My family with Papa. (Baby Girl looks rough.  She spent her afternoon chasing the cat and entertaining Uncle Rog and Richard at the grill)
Courtney and Peanut
 Courtney and Baby Girl
Next stop....Youth Challenge. Papa is the founder of Youth Challenge of Hampton Roads.  Youth Challenge is a residential program that helps individuals spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physical through Biblical principles.  It really is an awesome deal.  For more information visit www.youthchallengehope.org  The program is run on nothing but donations so if you feel it in you to give, they will gladly accept what you can offer. Here are some pictures from out visit to the men's home. 
 Livia lounging in the boss' chair
After our visit at the Hope Center we all went to Victoria Pier to watch the fireworks.  It was a nice breezy 75 degrees.  Happy Fourth to everyone.  Oh what a day it has been!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


So yesterday we stopped in Jackson, Tennessee to eat at Olive Garden.  Those of you that know Peanut know that he likes to sag!  We get tired of seeing his underwear so on the way into the restaurant Baby J told him he had to pull up his pants to go in.  So this is what he did...
We had been in the car for about 2 1/2 hours and we all had to use the bathroom.  When I saw him do this I laughed so hard I almost pee'd myself!  Oh I love my kids!  We made it as far as Cookeville, TN last night around midnight and stayed at Baymont Inn.  We have heard numerous times "Are we almost there", "How much further" but we know they are just excited.  We were back on the road this morning around 10:45.  We are now in Newport News, VA and staying the night at the Point Plaza.  The lobby is nice. The room....not so much!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Road Trip

Today we are off on our 16+ hour trip to Virginia.  We are getting a late start at 2:00 since I was not feeling so good this morning.  But now I am ready to roll!  Here are the kids all piled in and ready to go...