Thursday, September 24, 2009

Trip to Children’s

Little Bit had an appointment at 12:30 in Audiology. We arrived promptly at 12:28. It has been almost a year since we’ve been there so I could not remember which hallway got us to the check-in spot. So maybe we were a little late. We had to have Chick-fil-a for lunch! Another hearing test was done and completed with the same results as always. We then had an appointment with ENT. The doctor we saw (Dr R) there has had the most information we have gotten to date. He told us based on her past hearing test he believes she has a sensorineural hearing loss, which unfortunately cannot be corrected (in her left ear, her right ear is good). He did, however, tell us that he does not feel like it is a total loss. So basically if you yell, she will hear a whisper. So she has been scheduled for a CT scan to verify what Dr R thinks is actual. He says she has a small amount of fluid in the ear that he feels like could be affecting her hearing therefore she will be having myringotomy (tubes placed in her ears). This will be her second set of tubes. She got her first set shortly after her first birthday. She will also have an adenoidectomy. Adenoid removal is now routine with a second set of tubes but Dr R thinks this will help her from being so snotty and hackin and coughin ALL the time (which is SO NOT pretty). Sometime after (maybe January) these procedures are done, she will have a hearing screening again. This test will determine if she has better hearing without the fluid and if so she may be a candidate for a hearing aid. So that about covers our trip to Children’s. Sorry no pictures. I know post are always more exciting when there are pictures. I promise to try harder on that!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Another day off

The morning started off ok. Baby J was off to work and Peanut off to school. I dropped Baby Girl off at daycare. Little Bit and I were off to the clinic. She has not had a hearing test in nearly a year so that needs to be done as well as we have never got that test that has told us exactly why she can’t hear…. like bone deformity, nerve damaged etc? So she was seeing the general practitioner in order for her to get a doctor referral to a specialist. She weighed 31 lbs. She did really well until they had to take blood. You ask why blood draw? I forgot to mention that her therapist has noticed that Little Bit shakes a lot (although I don’t notice it so much at home…in fact maybe twice in the last 4 months). So the blood draw was to check her lead and sugar levels along with a few other things I can’t remember. Little Bit was a lot more cooperative than I thought she would be. It only took three of us…me to hold her down, one nurse to hold her arm and one to draw the blood. They gave her two stickers and we were on our way. We stopped at the donut shop to have chocolate donuts together. We left the donut shop in time to go see daddy at work on his break. Then it was home to get a couple of hours cleaning done. We then went to pick up lunch for us and daddy at Wendy’s. After lunch…you got it…naptime! Peanut had a football game at 6:00 so we made an attempt to take everyone.

After about 25 minutes in the stands we had run out of skittles and Sprite and both girls needed to go to the bathroom. Why is it everywhere we go we have to check out the bathrooms???? So I packed them up and we went to Grandma and Papa’s house for short visit until the games was over. After the game we had dinner, which was about 8 o’clock (so NOT good for the body). What a long day! Is anyone else exhausted?

Friday, September 11, 2009

Here We Go Again

Maybe I should have titled this – What I Did on My Day Off! Anyway, Today started with little sleep due to Little Bits coughing. She started coughing around dark last night and could hardly sleep herself because of it. Good thing I had already made her a doctor’s appointment. Sara (Little Bits speech therapist) had said on Wednesday that Little Bit kept saying her ear was hurting. That is something I don’t like to mess with when it comes to her so I had made the appt. We got to the clinic right at 8:15 after a quick trip for donut holes. As we sat in the waiting room Little Bit kept telling me “Hey Mommy! The car is outside”. She really did NOT want to see the doctor! There were about 4 or 5 other patients in the waiting room. An older couple, a kid with what appeared to be a hurt leg, some lady that looked fine, a boy that looked fine, and a man. Then there was Little Bit….hacking, sneezing, whining and wanting to leave! This was the first time I have been to the clinic and felt like people were looking at us like – Oh my gosh, what does she have! Stay away from us! Which is probably how I usually appear to be looking at them, just not this time! The nurse called her back to be weighed and she would not let me put her down. So the nurse suggested we weigh together (which was 142 lbs if you were wondering) and then I weigh separately. Together weighing was fine but then there was still the need to put Little Bit down so I could weigh alone. The nurse pulled her off me kicking and screaming as I hurriedly jumped on the scale to weigh by myself. So weighing was done and we were directed to a room. Little Bit had no fever, so that was good. As we sat and waited in the room, Little Bit kept reminding me that the car was outside and she was ready to go. When the doctor came in he checked her ears. Little Bit was good for this, I believe because she has been raised having her ears checked and I was holding her! Dr. B said her left ear was good and her right had a little fluid but not enough for antibiotic. Yes, she is snotty and whiny but her breathing sounds good. He wanted to check her throat since her brother was just diagnosed with strep throat on Wednesday. I had to hold her arms and head while the nurse held her legs so Dr. B could look in her throat, all the while her turning red, crying and yelling (with mouth closed) He did get a peek though….enough to say she doesn’t have strep! So we ended up with Robitussin with codeine. Little Bit got to pick out a Princess sticker and out to the car we went and she was happy as could be. I spent the afternoon cleaning house….did the dishes, swept the floors, cleaned the bathroom, cleaned the grout in the bathroom tile, washed a load of clothes, balanced the checkbook, paid some bills and then time ran out!!! I had a hair appt for 3 and needed to go to Walmart for groceries before the kids got home. So that I did (with Baby J). By 5:00 I was finished at the salon and headed to pick up the girls at daycare with my new short blonde hair. We got home in time to eat some McDonalds and get ready for the high school football game at 7. Peanut and I went to the game to watch my brother at halftime in the band. We got home from the game around 9:15 to help daddy put the girls to bed. To bed we thought…but…they wanted a snack so we ate some grapes or gaps as Baby Girl calls them. Then we were all off to bed! WHEW! What a day!