Wednesday, July 29, 2009

3 post in 1

Last week we attended VBS at a co-worker/friend's church.
This is Little Bit with her new friend Allauna doing crafts.

I LOVE it here! This girl loves her some church! She learned about the the burning bush and the plagues.

Little Bit and Allauna

They put cardboard over the stairs to make a slide and ALL the kids loved it! I even went down a time or two.

I know, that picture is out of focus but it was all I had of the slide!
Even though this wasn't our home church, they all made us feel very welcome. Peanut got to go Tuesday-Friday and even took some of the neighborhood boys! Baby Girl went Monday.....what at a tornado! She saw it as a lot of room to run and giggle and thats exactly what she did. That is until snack time.....she was still for that. She loves her some food! Cathy tried to contain her in a little playroom, but Baby Girl was not liken it! Hopefully next year Baby Girl will be better.


Last weekend I took Baby Girl and Peanut downtown and took their pictures too! I wanted to get a picture of each of them to frame.
Baby Girl


This is why I took each of them separately....if they had all gone together, one of them would have gotten away!


Last night 7th graders (oh my gosh - just as I typed that I realized my baby is going into 7th grade!) were scheduled to pick up their football gear. Peanut must have tried on every helmet they had to get one that fit! I took this picture of him opening his lock to his football locker. I wanted to get one of him standing by his locker with the door open so you could see his gear inside BUT I was told "MOM I know people here!" so...I put the camera away!

Favorite Kid photos

I missed the favorite kid photo blog hop but here are my favs anyway!
Little Bit

Little Bit - do you see the pageant girl comin out in her!

Baby Girl

Peanut and Little Bit

OK Your right these are not nearly all my favorites, just my favorites that were already saved on my computer!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I love taking pictures!

Today Little Bit was the subject. We went downtown and took a few pictures.







I can't decide which one is my favorite. Maybe #4 and #6. What do you think?

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Football Camp

Friday morning Peanut went to Twister football camp.

Clap it up!!

Getting player autographs

Saturday, July 11, 2009

What cost $50.01 and takes 4 hours??

*Warning: Not for the weak* Any guess'? Friday night, right before we walked out the door to go eat dinner, Baby Girl swallowed a penny. It was not an easy swallow. She choked it down followed by a couple bouts of throwing up. After about 20 minutes I thought she would be ok BUT then she threw up again. So I was afraid it might be stuck in her throat so off to the ER we went. We sat in the waiting room about 3 hours before we got sent back for an xray. By then it had made its way to her stomach. After about another hour to see the doctor we were told that if she gets fever or has lots of pain to bring her back otherwise just "watch for it to pass". YUCK!! If it doesn't pass by Monday she has to go back for another xray to see if the penny may be stuck somewhere! 4 hours in the ER with a $50 deductible and $.01 in her belly....thats what cost $50.01 and takes 4 hours.
She passed the penny! Apparently it takes 46 hours. I am thankful that this can now be put to rest. I REALLY did NOT want to have to take her for another xray!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Independence Day!

This morning started early. It started at the Lil Ms & Mr July Blast Pageant. Nope nobody competing this time! I was judging. There were 54 contestants which is a great turnout! I love pageants on all sides! Competing, judging or just being part of the audience. (Pageants are whole other post I'll have to tell ya bout later) After the pageant I returned home to help Baby J gets the girls to nap. When nap time was over we packed up and went to my parents. Mom had made spaghetti. This is Baby girl hanging out in the kitchen waitin to eat.
After dinner we went outside and did few fireworks. I took Lil Bit outside to throw some poppers but she did NOT want to be outside. So she hung out here in the window to watch.
I took Baby Girl outside and she threw two boxes of poppers and did not want to go back inside when it started to sprinkle.
We packed up around 8:45 and headed for the towns big firework display. After EVERY boom Lil Bit would announce "Ooohh my favorite!"
It wasn't the best 4th of July we've ever had but still a great day with the family!